A different way of viewing your strategic business alliances

A different way of viewing your strategic business alliances

As 2017 arrives here’s a strategic way of looking at your business-related associations. Why not turn those professional relationships into business friendships?

Actually there’s a subtle but important difference in how the average business person typically views business-to-business networking.

The standard networking approach eventually hits a “glass ceiling.” That’s because a deep level of trust is critical to forging those networking relationships that cement a lasting bond.

The higher the level of trust in a business setting, the more powerful are the options for a closer collaboration. This more rarified networking approach bypasses the typical business-card exchange and goes directly to the heart of the matter: Developing trusted business friendships.

History is replete with examples of those types of strategic business friendships. That’s because a measure of exclusivity creates an environment that nurtures deeper collaboration.

Take Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs as an example. The two men brought two creative minds together, and an immensely influential business concept was born as a direct result of a strategic business friendship.

While the typical exchange of business cards is helpful to building your connections, Corporate Alliance differs from casual networking because of the strategic level of business connections it offers its members.