New year, new resolve to get connected!

New year, new resolve to get connected!

The human mind is a marvel of engineering for one reason and one reason only: It’s all about those synaptic connections.

When you have one solitary neuron not much happens.

But when you link those connections together, you have intelligence. What does this have to do with networking? Consider this: Your professional connections operate like a brain. Any time minds come together with one purpose, it brings the power of group intelligence to the table.

Just as a synaptic spark jumps from one brain cell to another, growing your professional network increases social intelligence through forging shared connections. The free flow of information with others in your network leads to new discoveries, valuable intel and, most important of all, business friendships.

The secret sauce for networking is trusted colleagues. Many informational exchanges require a commitment to trust. High-level networks share, but they also limit information to those within the trusted circle. When you are part of a community, you have access to tap into a larger pool of intelligent connections.

With the advent of a new year, it’s an opportune time to take your business networking to the next level. Take a closer look at Corporate Alliance and get ready for expanding your professional network in a big way!