Put the polish on your elevator pitch

Put the polish on your elevator pitch

Casual chitchat at a business gathering will only take your networking so far. Here are some ways to put the polish on your elevator pitch. Let’s start with the basics.

What you do: This is a neutral topic for most people, but don’t feel pressured to convey too much information too quickly. If you’re new to networking and feeling a little bit nervous, you may launch into a monologue. That’s when the other person may get lost in the details. Start slow and converse with a purpose.

Where you’re from: Share one or two noteworthy facts about your expertise in your industry niche. You can also drop the name of a business school you attended or a charity that’s near and dear to your heart. Sometimes dropping the name of a educational institution that awarded you a professional degree can aid in forging that new professional connection.

What’s your passion: Once you’ve broken the ice, it’s a perfect time to share an interesting tidbit about yourself. Perhaps you volunteer with a non-profit, or maybe you have a short story to share that gives the other person some insight into your capabilities. Do limit your description to 30-seconds or so, and then ask the other person about their favorite past-times.

Be sure you share your business card and pencil in a date to follow up with your new connection.