There is only one kind of relationship worth cultivating; the kind that lasts. At Corporate Alliance, we help our members create real relationships, the kind that can weather any storm.

Every successful business needs a vast network of trusted clients, advisors and friends. At Corporate Alliance, we help our members create their own powerful networks. People who know them, people who like them and people who trust them.

Welcome to the Relationship Revolution.

Corporate Alliance has replaced the ineffective methods of the past with a new system that builds stronger and more powerful financing business relationships.


A unique and engaging culture is the first ingredient in the Corporate Alliance formula. The Rules outlined in the book, The City of Influence, provides the foundation for that culture. Following these important standards will ensure a successful experience for every member.


The second piece of our model is a series of facilitated events and retreats called Pools. New members can select from one of the three pool memberships. Inside these powerful programs, large numbers of new relationships are built in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take.


Cutting edge web-based software and world class membership facilities are a few of the Tools available to Corporate Alliance Members. Each member will receive access to our revolutionary software application as well as one of our beautiful local facilities.

Corporate Alliance has three distinct membership programs: Jumpstart, Executive Pools and C4 Teams. Each program requires a different level of time and expense, but all have been carefully crafted to produce the same result: new business relationships.


As its name implies, Jumpstart Memberships provide our members with the power and resources required to create new business relationships. Membership in this dynamic program includes (up to four) Jumpstart lunch events, a license(s) to City Central, and membership privileges at the local Corporate Alliance Hub. Every Jumpstart event provides members with ample opportunities to build new relationships, as well as reconnect with existing ones. Jumpstart membership also includes Relationship Bootcamp, a training on our unique culture and systems.


1 monthly participant
1 monthly participant + Hub access
Premium Plus
3 monthly participants + Hub access
State Hopper
4 monthly participants in two locations + Hub access

Executive Pools

Designed for executive-level decision makers, the Executive Pools Membership combines monthly Development Sessions with semi-annual Executive Pools Summits. At Development Sessions, our members build strong relationships by sharing their current business challenges and receiving feedback from their peers. Twice a year, Executive Pool members exit their fast-paced business lives and commit forty-eight hours to building new business relationships at an Executive Pools Summit. Every Executive Pools Summit is held at a luxurious resort with premium accommodations and fine dining. Executive Pools Memberships also include Relationship Bootcamp, a City Central license(s) and membership privileges at the local Corporate Alliance Hub.

Membership in the Executive Pools Program requires that participants be owners or partners (businesses under 5 million) or in senior management (businesses over five million).

Program Features

Twelve Development Sessions
Monthly two hour breakfast
sessions focused on your critical
business needs.
Two Relationship Summits
Two day, two night retreat with
40-60 executives.


C4 Teams Membership is our most powerful relationship building program. Membership at this level includes a three-day, two-night Executive Escape for each member and another C-level guest. Each Executive Escape is held at one of America's premier destination resorts and includes a round of championship golf. Also included at this level are C4 Connects. These powerful events are held monthly at different fine dining establishments and allow C4 members to continue to build new relationships as well as reconnect with existing ones. C4 Memberships also include; 2 VIP passes to the annual C4 Golf Tournament, 2 VIP passes to the C4 Mini-Retreat, Relationship Bootcamp, City Central license(s) and membership privileges at the local Corporate Alliance Hub.

Membership in C4 Program requires that participants be the CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, CIO, CMO, President, Chairman, Partner or majority shareholder of their organizations.

Program Features

C4 Executive Escape
3-day / 2 night retreat (includes airfare, lodging, dining and golf for you and a guest)
C4 Connects
Monthly two hour lunch sessions held at fine dining establishments
C4 Golf Tournament
Exclusive tournament for you and your guest
C4 Dinner Retreat
Exclusive dinner held for you and your guest at premier local resort

Corporate Alliance has a large number of resources available to enhance every level of membership. Three of the most important are: The City of Influence, a business fable which contains all of the Corporate Alliance relationship-building principles; City Central, our proprietary software solution; and The Hub, our local membership facility.

The City of Influence

What’s the secret to success? Like many talented business owners, Jack Green thinks it’s working long hours and engaging in cut-throat competition. But he learns how wrong he is when time begins running out for his struggling business.

The City of Influence explores the Corporate Alliance relationship rules in a memorable business parable that will leave you ready to roll up your sleeves and change the way you build relationships from the inside out.


City Central

City Central is a revolutionary software application that provides Corporate Alliance members with powerful web-based tools. Some of these tools include: posting, event registration, email, the membership directory and much more. Success inside City Central is measured by the increase in the number of people you know as well as their level of trust with you. Increasing both of these key metrics will help ensure a successful Corporate Alliance experience.

The Hub

The Hub is relationship headquarters for Corporate Alliance members. Every Corporate Alliance market has one of these beautiful facilities within its boundaries. The Hubs have been carefully designed to provide members with the ideal setting for building business relationships.

Corporate Alliance members can reserve the Executive Board Room, Innovation Room or the Event Center for private functions. On the other hand, you don’t need a reservation to enjoy the Gold Room with its wireless internet, flat-screen televisions, snacks, and gathering areas.

Gold Room
Gold Room
Front Lobby
Front Lobby
Executive Boardroom
Executive Boardroom
Event Center
Event Center

Corporate Alliance has thousands of members representing every type of industry. Below are just a few examples of Corporate Alliance members achieving powerful results through our revolutionary system.

Invaluable! Where else can you establish business relationships in such a short amount of time and have fun during the process? Tony Jewkes HMHO In one year, sixty percent of our new clients came from relationships we built at Corporate Alliance. I've never seen anything like it! Lance Black Eli Kirk How would I rate my Corporate Alliance experience? Priceless! Total Dental Administrators Jane Ann Craig Corporate Alliance connects the right people, in the right way and in the right atmosphere. Curtis Bennett OC Tanner Corporate Alliance has taken my business and my business relationships to the next level. Dianna Andersen Design Spectrum
Relationships are the key to success and Corporate Alliance has created the most powerful tools for building them. Brandon Fugal Coldwell Banker Commercial Corporate Alliance has allowed me to form close friendships with other business leaders. Paul Allen World Vital Records Since joining Corporate Alliance, I have developed hundreds of wonderful business relationships. Cynthia Gambill Remedez HairSpa Last year one key Corporate Alliance relationship saved our business 150,000 dollars. Jeff Reeves Box Home Loans My networking capacity has increased ten-fold since joining Corporate Alliance. Greg Fix Magleby Commercial
Corporate Alliance has allowed us to create a network of colleagues that we respect and support. Judy Copier Clear Channel The advice and opportunities I have received at Corporate Alliance have been critical to my business success. Isaac Childs Rustico At Corporate Alliance, I can build two years worth of business relationships… in two days! Cory Mahaffey Northwestern Mutual The Corporate Alliance model just works. Ron Moore RBM Services At Corporate Alliance, revenue is simply the result of creating and managing relationships for their own sake. Shawna Gygi Marriott School of Management