Rise Field Day
February 09, 2018

Your New Favorite Workday

Remember how Field Day was your favorite day when you were a kid? It is time to welcome back Field Day! Mornings are dedicated to working with your peers to find a way forward on your strategic priorities. Afternoons are packed with fun because that’s how you create lasting memories. Our unique relationship system helps you turn contacts into friends in record time!

We Create Experiences, You Create Memories.

Go deep and connect meaningfully with others. During our connection sessions you will have the opportunity to get real and dive in to hard issues. With the help of a team of advocates, solutions come to the forefront and true connections are formed.

Happy Group at Table

Afternoon skiing at a work event? Yes please!

skiing 2

Snowbird Resort

Snowbird has a skiable area of 2,500 acres (10.1 km2) with a vertical drop of 3,240 feet (988 m) from the summit of Hidden Peak, which has an elevation of above 11,000 feet (3,353 m). Hidden Peak is serviced by an aerial tram from the base area.

Snowbird is perennially celebrated by industry magazines for its exceptional snowfall, vast and wide-ranging terrain. The resort covers three drainage areas: Peruvian Gulch, Gad Valley, and Mineral Basin.

Snowbird receives more than 500 inches (1,270 cm) of snowfall per year, due to lake-effect enhancement from the Great Salt Lake, making it the second snowiest ski areas in the United States (after the ones in the Cascades). In contrast to the humid and wet conditions in the Cascades near the Pacific Ocean, the arid condition of the Great Basin produces very dry and powdery snow, making Snowbird top global destinations for powder-skiing aficionados. Loose powder for days after a snowfall is common.

Kaleb Crafts

Kaleb Crafts

Culinary Crafts

“My favorite part of Corporate Alliance is being able to come in and just be myself. I don’t have to worry about awkward intros and business card exchanges. The ice is broken with new contacts via the Corporate Alliance program and facilitation…it makes it so easy to be genuine and develop real relationships in such a short period of time. Many of my closest friends were made at Corporate Alliance events…hard to put a value on that, but it’s probably around the $10 million range.”

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