The Skill to Include Episode 54 - Brian Bowers - Part 1 of 2

The Skill to Include Episode 54 - Brian Bowers - Part 1 of 2

Inclusion may be a buzzword right now, but it is an important concept. If you aren’t working with others and involving them, you are excluding them. It has everything to do with ego. When we are not focusing on ourselves, we are aware of what is going on around us. Too often, when we develop tunnel vision, we operate from a place of scarcity and “me, me, me.” Brian Bowers, COO  of Visible Supply Chain Management, said:

So if you say ‘Hey let’s work together on this. Lets collaborate.’ The person who says ‘No. I’m not going to.’ They’re clearly exposed. They’re left out on their own. And once its couched in those terms it becomes very obvious, if you don’t, if you’re not willing to participate, if you are not willing to collaborate, you’ll be left out on your own.

That mentality does not foster team work, we miss out on better opportunities. Inclusion allows teams to bond, fresh talent to contribute and more senior staff to take a leadership role in training.

When Brian started his first job at Raytheon as an entry-level engineer, he was included into the very fabric of the team by the Vice President who invited Brian to meetings and created an open door relationship allowing for Brian to grow and bond with those in upper management. He shared:

And Rick invited me, when I was just an entry level engineer, he invited me to participate in his staff meetings each week. That inclusion was really amazing to me. Because for one, it really endeared me to him and to the team. But also it showed me that there’s a way that you can be inclusive and you can involve people in getting to the best outcomes.


In Part I of our interview with Brian Bowers, Brian shares:

  • How inclusion got everyone focused on the desired outputs, and success followed
  • How to increase productivity by 100% while decreasing chaos and runaround
  • Why collaboration and growing a team from below opens more opportunities above
  • And much more!

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