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CARE is About Connection

Uniting our efforts in service, we experience the best in each other.

CARE Summit is a top highlight of my Corporate Alliance experience.  The level of connection with other members increased exponentially as we worked on a cause so much greater than our individual needs and wants.  


You have a lot to offer! You have unique skills, resources, and experiences. When you combine them with those of other members, you create magical moments of service for others. CARE was designed to give you the satisfaction of connecting with peers while sharing your time to make a difference for our communities.

CARE Summit Full Group

CARE Summit

Once a year, members of Rise can attend the CARE Service Summit. We travel to different locations and spend several days serving, playing, and connecting together. Whether we are playing with orphans, building a school, or helping the homeless; opportunities to make a difference for others are what we are all about.

As you build friendships working side by side, you will grow as you receive the gift of service.

Quarterly CARE Reconnects

These quarterly service opportunities allow all members to continue to build new relationships and reconnect with loyal friends. We serve local non-profit organizations in fun and engaging activities like planting community gardens, building with Habitat for Humanity, or serving meals to the homeless. We make it easy for you to strengthen your relationships while you make a difference in your community.

Working On House

CARE Moments

We know that you build the strongest relationships when you are working with others to create something meaningful. During each Relationship Summit, we work to facilitate an activity where you can come together as a team and leverage your combined experience and skills to help others.

Here is an example of a marketing video that was designed by a group of our members at a past Reunion Summit.

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