Getting results by moving off the numbers Episode 53 - Joel Clark - Part 2 of 2

Getting results by moving off the numbers Episode 53 - Joel Clark - Part 2 of 2

One of the toughest and most complicated tasks a leader has is to create and control the company’s culture. It is always changing and can take a turn for the worse when it is not being closely monitored. Keeping control of a company’s culture requires insight into what your employees actually feel, an understanding of who your customers are and what their concerns are. This means you must talk. You must talk to your employees regularly and you must find ways to receive customer feedback and then talk to them. If your company culture is positive, productive and adheres to your values then the rest will fall in line. Kodiak Cakes founder, Joel Clark, said:

The numbers have to be number two. Because they depend on the culture…if the numbers are number one then you will start leading that way. And people start to know that all you really care about are the numbers. Then the culture gets damaged and people start checking out mentally.

Because what we are really trying to do is we are trying to get people to want to be here. We are trying to get people to want to give their best and to give everything they have. And so I think if culture is truly cared about and focused on as the number one priority…then you really can have the ability to drive and hit your numbers because you’ve got people who want to be there and will support you with your goals.

If you want real results, you can’t just focus on the results. You have to move off the results and look at the inputs, and the most important condition for great results is a great culture where employees feel valued and safe. When people aren’t focused on politics and their own need for self-preservation, they can actually focus on what matters most: the results.

In Part II of our interview with Joel Clark, Joel shares:

  • Deciding if you work best alone or need a partner to bounce ideas off of
  • Why optimism is crucial for your company
  • How to create a culture of constant feedback
  • And much more!

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