What keeps entrepreneurs from growth Episode 51 - James Clarke

What keeps entrepreneurs from growth Episode 51 - James Clarke

What types of problems in business are the most frustrating? If you are like most entrepreneurs, you may say “people problems.” Yet people problems are the reason we do what we do. Entrepreneurs simply provide a service that makes people’s lives easier. That is what it is all about – people. When we leave “people problems” strictly to HR, we are missing out on a fundamental truth: people are not problems. Instead, working on solving these “problems” provides opportunities to find areas where we can evolve and move forward. James Clarke, founder of Clearlink, said: 

Entrepreneurship is not easy. If it were, everybody would be doing it. But as we look at the problems they’re not generally the business problems that we get caught up in. They’re the people problems. So we can learn a process or we can be the best in class on a certain thing, but if we forget about our people, we’ve forgotten everything.

If we change the language and stop calling them problems, then we will be free of that pressure and annoyance of the very means that keep us fed and our dreams rolling. If we remember that people are what this is all about, we will take problems and learn from them. Remember, the harder the problems you solve for others, the more value you create!

In our interview with James Clarke, James shares:

  • How to overcome “people problems”
  • Why you need to stay true to your personality
  • Why you need to be cautious about some advice
  • And much more!

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