When do you quit? Episode 52 - Joel Clark - Part 1 of 2

When do you quit? Episode 52 - Joel Clark - Part 1 of 2

How long should it take to turn an idea for a new product into a national brand when you have to bootstrap it? Five years? Ten years? Kodiak Cakes founder, Joel Clark, it took much longer than anticipated. After starting the operation in the mid 1990s, it did not take off until 2014, nearly 20 years later. Joel said:

You know we hear a lot about the kind of get lucky or grow-big-fast stories. And those are exciting to read about. And we all kind of wish it could happen to us, in any career we’re in, no matter what we’re doing. But I learned early on, I had this reality check, that ‘Wow, this is going to take a while’.

But that’s the point. Sometimes good things take a bit longer than expected. After perfecting their business for years, Kodiak Cakes blew up with the help of Costco and Instagram fitness bloggers. Good ideas are murdered all the time at the hands of the impatient who don’t give time to iterating. While working hard and improving your processes, new technologies and relationships may inevitably show up to provide you just the right boost. You never know what will come and how the world will transform just perfectly for your business.

In Part I of our interview with Joel Clark, Joel shares:

  • The power of semi-annual interviews with each employee
  • How to leverage event marketing
  • How to systematize employee appreciation to drive loyalty
  • And much more!

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