How does Corporate Alliance work?

You join as a member of one or more of our four curated experience programs:

Executive Pools, C4 Teams, Jump, and Illuminate.

Many of the people I view as personal friends in the valley here are people I’ve come to know through CA events.


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The C4 Team program is designed to connect C-level leaders through a variety of exclusive retreats and events. This program has been carefully designed to help each member benefit from the time, influence and resources of the other participants. The C4 program will give you access to the most powerful tool in business—each other.

Program Benefits:
Relationship Excursions at destination resorts
Monthly C4 Connect lunches
VIP passes to C4 Golf Tournament
Use of Corporate Alliance meeting rooms
Corporate Alliance University breakfasts
Social Reconnects

Eligibility Requirements apply



C4 is about helping executives identify new opportunities in new destinations. We bring you together to maximize your time and augment your foresight. Leverage your combined experience and be uber-connected!

We have designed these events to avoid the superficial and accelerate meaningful relationships. Jump into the activities, indulgent cuisine, entertaining stories, team connects, and so much more. We all have different tastes and we keep it fresh and engaging as you build friendships.


These monthly events are held at different fine dining establishments and allow C4 members to continue to build new relationships and reconnect with loyal friends. We make it easy for you to reconnect and keep your network strong.

Say What?


Executive Escapes are events for couples to reconnect at beautiful resorts with other couples. Build loyal friendships with other executives and their spouses by having fun together! The seeds of the best opportunities grow after trust has been established by sharing unforgettable experiences.

Executive Pools

“It’s lonely at the top,” people often say. Recruiting, sales, marketing, strategy, hiring, firing, culture, pricing, new products and services, balancing finances; the list is endless. The issues executives face are complex and interconnected. Leadership often means shouldering burdens others can’t see or understand.

Executive Pools was created to alleviate the isolation business leaders face. We bring peers together to relax in beautiful locations to connect and help each other find fresh solutions and new opportunities.


Program Benefits:
Relationship Summits at luxury resorts
Monthly Development Session breakfasts
Use of Corporate Alliance meeting rooms
Corporate Alliance University breakfasts
Social Reconnects

Eligibility Requirements apply

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Executive Pools Relationship Summits exist to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. During the two-day retreats we facilitate at luxury resorts, we help you slow down and create the space to take the long view on your business and personal life. You deserve the support of a group of peers who can bring clarity to the complex issues you face and help you prioritize.


Meeting over breakfast with peers who share your values, members bring their toughest challenges and seek fresh perspectives. During Development Sessions, our members build strong relationships in a collaborative environment and hone their leadership skills. We make it easy for you to reconnect and keep your network strong.

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Summits are all about connecting, and this experience is especially designed to help accelerate your relationships. Meeting the spouses of other members helps you to learn more about them and find new ways to serve. Enjoy a weekend getaway at a local resort with your closest companion! We’ve taken care of all the details.

Jump Logo

It isn’t enough to know people, you have to be unforgettable and useful to be influential. Jump is about establishing a growth mindset, practicing effective relationship skills, and embracing accountability for the quality of your results. In a nutshell, it is about leading yourself and growing your network.

Our training events are designed to inspire, train, and connect. Let us help you and your team “jump” to that next level of relationship effectiveness and personal leadership.

Program Benefits:
Monthly Jump Leadership Training Lunches
Jump Summits
Use of Corporate Alliance meeting rooms
Corporate Alliance University Breakfasts
Social Reconnects

Eligibility Requirements apply

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Designed to help you meet new people, reconnect with peers, and gain the skills to form loyal relationships. Remember those goals you made to improve yourself and strengthen your leadership skills? Connecting through workshops, games, food, books, and prizes; Jump Lunches are designed to inspire and give you the practical tools to be more influential!


Relax at an inspiring destination, improve yourself, and really connect with others on a personal level. We give you the time to find solutions to your most pressing problems, build your leadership skills, and implement the keys of effective relationships.

CAU Wide


While connecting with friends over breakfast, inspiring local business leaders teach you how to grow a thriving business. Together, we’ll explore the stories and best practices that improve your ability to lead change. 

There’s an old quote by Bismarck that says, in effect, any fool can learn from experience. The trick is to learn from other people’s experience.


Relax, play, and reconnect! Your strongest memories are built when you are having fun in new places. We help you create memorable stories of having a blast with great people.

Sundance Night Skiing

How would I rate my Corporate Alliance experience? Priceless!


Illuminate Logo

Illuminate was created with the understanding that in most organizations, women are an untapped leadership resource. Illuminate events serve as a gateway for women to prepare for success in their careers. At Illuminate, we recognize that valuing the differing skills of women and men, make any organization more successful. Illuminate was created as a vehicle to stack the odds in your favor through a strong network of working women united in the cause of becoming better and contributing more.

Program Benefits:
Illuminate Summit
Illuminate Lunch with Speaker
Illuminate Mixers
Half-Day Leadership Trainings
Corporate Alliance University
Corporate Alliance Social Reconnects
Corporate Alliance Gold Room Usage
Access to the Corporate Alliance Member Portal (CAMP)

Eligibility Requirements apply

Illuminate Melissa


Connect with over 200 other women contributing across a variety of professions and industries. You should expect engaging presentations, delicious meals, interactive workshops, and discussions relevant to your challenges and goals. We want you to leave with renewed energy, fresh perspective, and a supportive network.


How often do you walk away from lunch with new friends? And also reconnected with old friends? Throw in an inspiring speaker and you’ve accomplished a lot in a couple of hours! We help you strengthen your relationships and give you the opportunity to share your perspective with those who care about your success.

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Illuminate Mary Crafts Smile


We want you to gain the mindset and skills you need to lead in every relationship in your life. Our half-day trainings are designed to have you practice specific skills tied to the Illuminate values: Risk-Taking, Collaboration, and Positive Energy. These experiences will help launch you in leading and contributing at ever higher levels!


You don’t want to let your new relationships grow cold, so we’re making it easy for you to reconnect. Let your hair down and enjoy yourself visiting with friends! Drinks, snacks, and connections are waiting for you at our Illuminate Mixers.

Illuminate Mixer Laugh