Rise Adventure Summit
September 13 – 14, 2018

Time for an Adventure

Connect with other executives in one of Utah’s most popular natural settings. Just minutes from National Parks and the Colorado River, Moab is an explorer’s paradise. Cycling, hiking, climbing, and river rafting are just a few activities waiting for you in Moab. Raise your heart rate while you elevate your appreciation for the raw beauty of Utah’s desert.

Fezzari biking experience

Welcome to the home of the greatest mountain biking on the planet. Moab offers a huge variety of trails for mountain bikers of any experience level, from beginners looking for a scenic ride through beautiful canyons and mesa tops, to seasoned bikers looking for the ultimate challenge. Moab is well known for the world famous, and highly technical, Slickrock Bike Trail. It also contains an assortment of easy and extremely scenic biking trails.

Ephedra's Grotto

Ephedra’s Grotto begins with a short hike across ancient petrified sand dunes, leading us into a dry rock wash. Quickly the wash turns into a dry waterfall that seems to almost disappear into the tightest, deepest rain gutter imaginable. This exquisite rappel is the first obstacle in reaching the entrance to the amazing grotto Now, totally enveloped in a small stone room, whose floor rarely sees the light of day, we exit to find our next challenge: a jaw-dropping rappel into the alluring green canyon below next to an enormous natural stone bridge — the 6th largest natural land bridge in the world!

Corona Arch

Corona Arch is a spectacular, photogenic arch located just west of Moab. Nearby, Bowtie Arch is also very scenic. The route to these arches makes one of the best short hikes in the Moab area. It is particularly good for children, offering plenty of adventure to keep them interested. The hike crosses open slickrock and then a ladder bolted to the rock allows visitors to climb a short cliff. In another spot, steps cut into the rock and a cable aid hikers as then ascend a steep slickrock ridge.

We Create Experiences, You Create Memories.

Live a little! Build loyal friendships with other executives by having fun together! The seeds of the best opportunities grow after trust has been established by sharing unforgettable experiences.

Cory Moore Head

Cory Moore

Big-D Construction

“I have been a longtime supporter of Corporate Alliance. I don’t have a lot of spare time to “network.” But I will never stop coming to Corporate Alliance. Where else can I meet new people and reconnect with true friends and peers in such a short period of time? If I had to work to maintain these relationships on my own I would probably have to spend an extra 15 hours a month at least! Corporate Alliance saves me massive amounts of time and energy. I love it.”

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