Uniting Against a Common Enemy? Episode 44 - Ryan Moss - Part 2 of 2

Uniting Against a Common Enemy? Episode 44 - Ryan Moss - Part 2 of 2

What do you stand against? Nothing unites a group of people more than having a common enemy. But do you want your business to be focused on a negative instead of the positive? It depends. What will motivate your team more, “Improving Quality” or “Crushing Mediocrity”? Ryan Moss, CEO of Little Giant Ladders, said it took his team a long time to stumble into their “why”, and it was absolutely prevention focused (negative) rather than promotion focused (positive). And it rallied their team to incredible productivity. Ryan said:

When you come through our facilities on the walls of our conference room it says, “Preventing Injuries, Saving Lives.” You walk through manufacturing, “Preventing Injuries, Saving Lives.” You see that on email signatures, you see that everywhere in our facility, in our literature. We’re constantly reminding ourselves.

What do you stand for? If you stand for anything, there is also something you are standing against. Take a look at your team and discuss with them what motivates them to get up every day to deal with all the friction they face in their roles. Maybe they just need a common enemy.

In Part II of our interview with Ryan Moss, Ryan shares:

  • How to rally your team behind your core values
  • Knowing what size of company will make you happiest
  • How to find out what your customers really will pay for
  • And much more!

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