How to Achieve Your Goals Sooner Episode 47 - Ryan Sanders - Part 1 of 2

How to Achieve Your Goals Sooner Episode 47 - Ryan Sanders - Part 1 of 2

How many big goals can you knock out in a year? In a quarter? When taking down new projects, so much depends on how much slack you already have in your business. Feeding the current business must be balanced with the building of tomorrow’s business. So how much slack do you have? Some product teams have the motto: “Limit WIP” with WIP standing for work in progress. This means that instead of switching between five different tasks, you just take down one or two at a time before you take on the next one.

Ryan Sanders, COO and co-founder of Bamboo HR has a saying they use at their company: “Choose, focus, finish, repeat.” That is the mantra that pushes growth and positive change. First, you must make a choose. That is the hardest part usually, but the more time you spend up front the cheaper it is to implement down the road. Ryan said:

When you have those constraints there’s a lot more creativity that comes to play. Those constraints on a number of employees. And so we have to get really smart about what we choose to do. And make sure we get those things done and then move on to the next thing. So there’s that. That allows for additional creativity and additional planning and just laser focus.

Choosing and focusing will naturally create constraints because the moment you choose something you are inherently not choosing something else. Interestingly, when you have more constrains you will find you also have more creativity and brilliance on your end. So instead of tackling four big goals this year, maybe you could just do one goal a quarter and not worry about the others until you’ve finished. You are a lot more likely to get traction and nothing motivates people as much as seeing progress.

In Part I of our interview with Ryan Sanders, Ryan shares:

  • How to accelerate your business’ growth
  • Why you should use revenue as an output instead of as a goal
  • How to help others feel understood
  • And much more!


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