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A network is not a thing you have or don’t have. Everyone has a network, the question is whether or not your network is strong or weak. Take this assessment to discover where your strengths lie.



1. I have referred business to at least two people over the last month (prospects, potential employees, etc.).
2. I have time set aside on my calendar to reconnect with my network.
3. I have a process for collecting needs my contacts have.
4. I personalize my outreach and find ways to benefit those in my network.
5. I can name five people I could turn to for a professional reference.
6. I received at least two referrals over the last month from people who have nothing to gain from me professionally (prospects, potential employees, etc.).
7. I have at least three people I don’t work with that I know have my back in helping me be successful in business.
8. I can name five people in my network who I can share challenges I face professionally and not downplay their seriousness to me.
9. I have been invited to lunch or coffee by more than two different people over the last month.
10. Within the last month I have reconnected with at least two people in my network.
11. I have added at least two new connections to my network over the last month.
12. I have lots of friends in a variety of roles and industries.
13. During the last month, I have attended a professional event where I also built friendships.
14. In groups I work in, I’m not only known for what I do but also known for who I am as a person.
15. I am involved in a nonprofit group in my community where I build friendships with others.
16. I have hobbies that introduce me to different people where I am building new friendships.

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