December 06, 2018 – 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

CARMA stands for the Corporate Alliance Relationship Mastery Award. Every year, our members nominate each other for living our values.


Once a year, members reflect on those who have made the biggest impact in their lives. They nominate each other and vote on those who have exemplified the values we hold dear. Being nominated for the CARMA award is the highest honor members can pay one another.

We care deeply about our culture and love to celebrate and honor those who have truly served our other members. Our organization is as strong as it is because our members are truly amazing people.

We teach several keys to Relationship Success. In our culture, we teach members to:

  • Avoid Relationship Arrogance: avoid judging a potential relationship based on a forecasted return
  • Develop Relationships “Just Because”
  • Learn, Serve, Grow: the cycle of building real relationships
  • Exit the Coliseum: leave behind a “gladiator” mentality and embrace teamwork
  • Decide to Govern: make the success of others one’s highest priority


Decide to Govern

Decide to Govern

Mayors make the success of the residents inside their city of influence their highest priority.

Just Because

Develop Relationships Just Because

Just Because: The possession of authentic motives.

Bricks Trump

Recognize that Bricks Trump

When price and performance are equal, the level of relationship will trump.

Exit the Coliseum

Exit the Coliseum

Gladiators make self-preservation their primary concern and personal victory their highest ambition.


Learn, Serve, Grow

The learn, serve, grow cycle: The process of building sustainable relationships.

Swim in Pools

Swim in Pools

Current: Fast-paced, task-centered environments.

Pools: Slow-paced, people-centered environments.

Measure Influence

Measure Influence

Do we give each other access to our time, influence, and resources?

Relationship Arrogance

Avoid Relationship Arrogance

Relationship Arrogance: Prioritizing a relationship based on a forecasted return on investment.

Laws and Systems

Establish Relationship Laws and Systems

A set of relationship rules and standards an organization agrees to live by.

*All Relationship Keys are Copyright Property of Influence International



Recent CARMA Winners

Bryan Hepler Five9’s
Jim Bennett Now CFO
Kevin Clegg Clegg Automotive
Matt Garner Longboard Public Relations
Ken Avery Montera Captive Management
Josh Rowley Hawkins
Jonathan Law REAL Audio Video
Matt Frisbie Chief MO
Aubrey Robison Spherion
Shaila Ostler Queen of Wraps & Signs
Kirk Chugg Haberdasher Custom Clothing
Kent White Quality Used Office Furniture
Kiley Hix BBSI / Strategic Staffing
J.W. Davies Davies Allen
Dan Shirts Ampian Staffing
Terry Lyman Pay Pros
Brad Jensen Griffin Hill
Bruce Rowe Sebo Marketing

2015 Just Because Awards
(Celebrating our 15 Year Anniversary)

Alan Rindlisbacher The Layton Companies
Bill Brady EKR
Brad Norton UCCU
Brent Andrewsen Kirton McConkie
Craig Morris Elemerce
Cristie Berg Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate
David Gilliland The CEO’s Team
David Oldham QuotaDeck
Gary Heaton ValPak Media
Greg Shuey Stryde
Hyrum Knapp Custom Catering and Events
Jake Baadsgaard Disruptive Advertising
Jason Bangerter Rentler / NUVI /Struck
Jeanette Bennett Utah Valley Magazine
Jim Bennett Now CFO
Johnny Riche Rockwell Watches
Justin Bolton CLP Resources
Kaleb Crafts Culinary Crafts
Kena Jo Mathews Habitat for Humanity
Larry Stevenson LDS Employment Resource Services
Mark Hatch Hatch Insurance
Mary Crafts-Home Culinary Crafts
Melissa Bamfo Business Made Simple
Michael Miles Doxtek
Mike Berg Woodrow Studios
Mike Fisher 24 HR Flood Response
Norm Chambers Equinox IT
Russell Burnett Online Image
Ryan Crafts Culinary Crafts
Steve McGhie Utah Broadband
Todd Russell EKR

2000-2010 CARMA Winners

Annetta Gallagher US Auctions
Brad Mertz UVU Athletics
Brent Crane Food and Care Coalition
Bryan Pope MSI
Chris Dexter Dexter and Dexter Law
Chris Shurian Utah Regional Investment Fund
Cory Moore Big-D Construction
Curtis Bennett OC Tanner
Cynthia Gambill Remedez
Dianna Anderson Design Spectrum
Don Mantyla Mantyla McReynolds
Eric Hansen Integratechs
Greg Tillack Your Personal Valet
Jacob Hoehne Issimo
Jane Ann Craig Total Dental Administrators
Jessica Devenish Checknet
Jonnie Wilkinson Procurement Technical Assistance Center
Kevin Gallagher US Auctions
Kurt Brown Let’s Logo
Lance Black Eli Kirk
Rob Corcoran Influence Real Estate
Ron Dunn Excel Eye Center
Roxanne Bennett Utah Valley Magazines
Ted Broman Integracore
Tony Du Preez Rese Realty
Wendy Bird My Princess Pearls