April 27-28, 2017

It's Better in Pools

“It’s lonely at the top,” they often say. Recruiting, sales, marketing, strategy, hiring, firing, culture, pricing, new products and services, balancing finances; the list is endless. We bring peers together to relax in beautiful locations to connect and help each other find fresh solutions and new opportunities. No more business loneliness! The issues executives face are complex and interconnected. Leadership often means shouldering burdens others can’t see or understand. Executive Pools was created to alleviate the isolation business leaders face.

Sundance Meeting Room


Build loyal friendships by having fun together! The seeds of the best opportunities grow after trust has been established by sharing unforgettable experiences.

Connecting Table


Bring your thorniest leadership issues; the other members are eager to help! Finding solutions to your most pressing problems, we accelerate your ability to build a network you know has your back.

Sundance Sunset


We help you move from being task-focused to relationship-focused. We have created the space and the structure to avoid the superficial and accelerate meaningful relationships.

We Create Experiences, You Create Memories.


A Truly Magical Setting

Foot bridges crisscross Sundance’s mountain streams, feeding the majestic pines and aspens which lend to the peace and seclusion of this popular resort. The restaurants, activities, and the trails will help you reconnect, relax, and renew yourself at one of Utah’s highest ranked resorts.

Aaron Drussel Head

Aaron Drussel

Better Homes and Gardens
Influence Parteners

“Corporate Alliance has helped to increase my network & build advocates. Their events and processes have created key introductions & helped strengthen relationships with influencers and their friends and family. The return on relationships has been a game changer for my business.”

Join Us!

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