The Secret to a Strong Brand Episode 45 - Jacob Hoehne - Part 1 of 2

The Secret to a Strong Brand Episode 45 - Jacob Hoehne - Part 1 of 2

When you are in your marketing meetings, how much time do you spend talking about how you can repel the wrong customers? Offending some people and attracting the others is part of what makes the best advertisements effective. Jacob Hoehne, Chief Creative Officer at the story agency ISSIMO, explained that a common rookie mistake in creating your brand is trying to be too inclusive. Jacob said:

Really great brands are like magnets. You know, they have a really strong pull. And so they attract people. But they also repel the other side. So if you are not repelling some people, then you’re probably not attracting the right kind of people.

Everyone has a brand, but if your brand is a magnet, is it a strong brand or a weak brand? Not everyone can be your customer because your product honestly isn’t a great fit for everyone. Are you working so hard to appeal to everyone that you are too vanilla to be remembered?

In Part I of our interview with Jacob Hoehne, Jacob shares:

  • How to tell your company’s story in a way that will attract the right clients
  • Why your story is probably too weak
  • Why positioning your company as the hero is a mistake
  • And much more!

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