What are your Non-Negotiables? Episode 46 - Jacob Hoehne - Part 2 of 2

What are your Non-Negotiables? Episode 46 - Jacob Hoehne - Part 2 of 2

When hiring an employee, what are your non-negotiables? Obviously you want someone who is honest and a good worker, but those are really minimum requirements. What values will you not sacrifice? Jacob Hoehne, Chief Creative Officer at the story agency ISSIMO, said:

You know you try a lot of different things to try to filter for culture fit in your hiring. But two things for us are sort of non-negotiables; first, people who put people first. You know, we like to be compassionate creatives. And the second is that they enjoy a good problem to solve and aren’t threatened or scared away from that.”

Jacob has created a work environment that allows him to walk beside new hires, resident employees and interns who both love people and are not afraid of problems. This lets his team rally together to create great projects for clients that other teams wouldn’t touch. After years of making mistakes with past employees, Jacob knows now what his teams really need to succeed. So, what are YOUR non-negotiables?

In Part II of our interview with Jacob Hoehne, Jacob shares:

  • How to improve your company culture through helping non-profits
  • The keys to creating a team of compassionate creatives
  • How to rescue a relationship after a bad encounter
  • And much more!

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