If You Build It, Will They Come? Episode 48 - Ryan Sanders- Part 2 of 2

If You Build It, Will They Come? Episode 48 - Ryan Sanders- Part 2 of 2

Imagine it. You’ve raised thousands of dollars to sell stoves to a community in Puerto Rico. Months after the stoves are delivered, you visit your distributor and discover the stoves are sitting in the warehouse and no one is buying. The people prefer the stoves they already have. You’ve just wasted thousands of dollars and your credibility is nearly gone.

It’s said a thousand times, especially on our podcast – that people are more important than any other facet of your business. Ryan Sanders, COO of BambooHR, said:

Who is that person that you’re trying to serve? And how do we think about the changes we make, improvements that we’re after? What is the next thing the product roadmap? We’ve got to keep that customer in mind because we get really excited about this one thing but the customer’s not excited about it. We’re going to fall short of our goals.

If you build it, will they come? How can you know for sure? What systems do you have in place to listen to your customers and learn what they really want?

In Part II of our interview with Ryan Sanders, Ryan shares:

  • The system that allows you to understand what your customer wants
  • How to create unique customer events
  • How to implement servant leadership
  • And much more!

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